We Now Stock Invacare Mobility Scooters

Good news! We now stock Invacare mobility scooters!

Invacare leads the world in providing medical products and services for home use. They create and distribute a wide range of innovative medical products and services for home and long-term care, all designed to support recovery and active living. When it comes to problems with mobility, Invacare mobility scooters have transformed the landscape of healthcare. Their biggest selling point is their focus on safety. Invacare scooters offer complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance, and their products all include auto slow down while cornering, and other high-end safety features.


Why you need an Invacare mobility scooter

Preventing injuries - Many people with reduced mobility often get hurt, with slips and falls being common. These injuries can range from minor scratches to broken bones. While staying active is important, using an Invacare mobility scooter can help lower the chances of accidents and injuries.

More independence - People with mobility issues often find everyday tasks challenging, even something as simple as going to the store can be tough and may require a lot of planning and help from others. Having an Invacare scooter can make life easier by reducing the need for assistance and allowing them to do more on their own.

Boosting confidence - Living with limited mobility can make people feel self-conscious and worried about accidents when they leave their homes. Doing tasks independently is crucial for mental well-being and feeling good about oneself. A mobility scooter can play a big role in boosting confidence by making it easier for people to be more self-reliant.

The range of Invacare scooters

Invacare offers a wide range of mobility scooters. From the Invacare website, here are the ranges they have:

Comet Ultra: Built to support performance and reliability. Ideal for those with larger body shapes, the Comet Ultra offers a secure, supportive, and powerful driving experience without compromising on style or functionality.

Comet Alpine+: Challenge the outdoors with power, control, and stability. For those who enjoy adventures across terrains too challenging for a traditional scooter, the Comet Alpine + offers the perfect solution.

Pegasus Pro: Comfort, safety and reliability with added performance. Ideal for longer trips into town or afternoons driving around the park with your grandchildren, the new ergonomically designed Pegasus PRO is a powerful upgrade to our standard Pegasus METRO model.

Pegasus METRO: The Perfect mix of comfort, safety, and reliability. Whether you enjoy a quick trip to meet friends for food or taking a short journey to the local shops, the Pegasus METRO is the ideal choice to take you there.

Leo: Safe, solid, secure: the Invacare Leo. The Invacare Leo is a scooter designed for all those who value their independence and wish to get out and about unaided.

At Equip U, we are always happy to support good brands, and we look forward to supplying you with your next Invacare mobility scooter.

A disability should not limit your possibilities

At Equip U, we are committed to promoting independence and mobility for people with disabilities and we have some great options for mobility aids in Townsville. Unlike other retailers, we don't just offer standard products like mobility scooters and accessories. We also provide in-home trials to residents of Queensland, as well as maintenance and servicing for any mobility products. Our NDIS registration allows us to provide funding options so that access to these services isn't limited based on where you live. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with you to bring your vision for improved mobility to life.

If you have any questions about the types of products we offer or how they work, or if you would like to schedule a free at-home product demonstration, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.