Your Guide To Disability Expos In 2024

Disability expos are opportunities for education and community building, providing valuable insights for people with disabilities, their carers, families, and friends.

Now Stocking InteliCorp Bidets and Accessories

At Equip U, we’re always looking to expand our range, and we’re excited to share that we now stock InteliCorp Bidets and Accessories. 

Adventurous Activities For People With Wheelchairs

Australia is making significant strides in enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities, including those who rely on wheelchairs. 

Are You New To Disability? What Is The Process?

Whether you’re personally dealing with a disability or supporting a loved one who is facing this challenge for the first time, the initial uncertainty and confusion about the process can be overwhelming. 
Benefits Of An Electric Lift Chair

Benefits Of An Electric Lift Chair

If you find sitting down or standing up from a chair challenging due to limited mobility, consider the practical solution offered by an electric lift chair. 
Benefits-of-4x4-Off-Road-Mobility-Wheelchairs-For Adventure-Seekers

Benefits of 4x4 Off Road Mobility Wheelchairs - For Adventur...

Off-road mobility wheelchairs are perfect for those who love adventure. They are tough, customisable, and stylish, allowing you to explore places that regular wheelchairs can’t reach.