Transporting Your Mobility Scooter - What Are Your Options?

While mobility scooters are a great option for those with limited mobility to help them navigate through the world, they’re not exactly the most portable objects in the world. But what happens when you need to transport your mobility scooter? We’ll take you through your options.

Consider a folding mobility scooter

A folding mobility scooter is small and compact, making it easy to use no matter where you go. Once folded, it can fit into the back of a car, on a plane, or simply placed neatly away in a closet until needed. The stress of hiring a car or taxi with a mobility scooter is no longer needed, because it’s so easy to simply fold up and put away without much effort. And because it’s so compact, it just requires one able-bodied individual to help you with the folding and storing.

Get a mobility scooter ramp

Ramps are a great way to help you lift your scooter into your car, and because they’re portable and easy to install they don’t require much effort. However, always consider the weight, width, and length of your mobility scooter to make sure you have one that is compatible. Consider KCF Disability Engineering for your scooter ramp needs or any other modifications to your car.

Choose a mobility scooter lift

For those with heavier mobility scooters, a lift might be more suitable than a mobility scooter ramp. Usually attached to the rear of the car, they take away the need to push your heavy scooter up a ramp and into a car. While more expensive than a ramp, they can be lifesavers for those with heavier mobility scooters. However, as with the ramp, always be sure to check the specifications to make sure they are suitable for the scooter you have.

Hire a wheelchair accessible taxi

If you need to transport your mobility scooter but you don’t have a ramp or a lift, then you can hire a wheelchair accessible taxi to help you with your journey. These vehicles are meant to help those with wheelchairs and scooters, so they come fully prepared for whatever you need. To be sure, always call first to make sure they can help with your specific scooter.

Use public transport

There are options to use public transport such as buses or trains with your mobility scooter, but there are certain rules about taking mobility scooters on public transport that might differ from state to state in Australia. The rules will usually be about dimensions and braking systems, so it’s best to do your research before using any public transport to make sure you comply with the regulations. If you want to take your mobility scooter on a plane it’s best to check directly with the airline you are using, as each airline will have different rules. The main issue is regarding the battery in the mobility scooter, so it’s best to find out what they allow and what they don’t.

A disability should not limit your possibilities

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