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We specialise in a wide range of cutting edge products designed to improve the mobility of everyday Australians. We don’t just stock mobility scooters and other accessories, but we also offer in-home trials to residents who live in North Queensland. We believe that access to these types of products shouldn’t be limited based on where you live, and being NDIS registered, we can provide funding options as well.

Mobility Scooter Ayr

Discover mobility scooters in Ayr with the guidance of our local experts! We’re here to support you every step of the way, offering exceptional aftercare as well. Tailored for individuals who encounter mobility challenges but don’t necessarily require a motorised wheelchair, mobility scooters in Ayr are a practical solution.

These scooters cater to a range of needs, serving individuals with various medical conditions, ongoing injuries, disabilities, or anyone who faces difficulty standing for prolonged periods or driving due to health issues.


A typical mobility scooter features a seat positioned over two rear wheels, a flat foot area, and front handlebars that control one or two steerable wheels. The seat often swivels to facilitate access when the handlebars obstruct the front, and these scooters operate on battery power. A diverse array of mobility scooters is available in Ayr, and selecting the one that suits you best is an important consideration.

Meet The Experts On Mobility Scooters Ayr

At Equip U, we have one goal, and that’s to make your life easier. Unlike other retailers, we aren’t confined by location. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to mobility aids, regardless of their place of residence.

We dedicate time to understanding your mobility requirements. While you’re always welcome at our physical store, we also provide a mobile service, enabling you to test our products from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re situated in North Queensland or neighbouring towns such as Ayr, Townsville, Charters Towers, Emerald, Rockhampton, Moranbah, Bowen, or The Whitsundays, we’re delighted to come to you. Our in-home trials aren’t just convenient; they also allow you to assess our products within their intended environments. This guarantees that you’ll identify the ideal product right from the outset.

Equip U is here to collaborate with you in transforming your mobility aspirations into reality. We’ll guide you along the way, so should you have any queries about our products or wish to arrange an in-home demonstration, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Getting Around Ayr Like A Local 

Visitors of Ayr are often met with warm-hearted locals, breathtaking natural wonders, an affordable rural lifestyle, and a host of other delights. While many view Ayr merely as a stopover on route to other destinations, it has much more to offer its close-knit community.

Positioned 85 kilometres south of Townsville, Ayr thrives within the prosperous Burdekin district. It has a pivotal role in sugar in the local economy with around 80,000 hectares of sugarcane yielding around 1.25 million tonnes of raw sugar annually. That’s right! The town of Ayr is far more important than people realise.

Nestled in one of Australia’s largest cane and mango farming regions, along with other melons and fruits, Ayr serves as a haven for industrious backpackers. Yet, it’s also the cherished home to approximately 8,500 permanent residents, many of whom have rooted themselves in this part of Queensland for many years. And with their house prices one of the lowest in the state, it’s no wonder.

Ayr is more than just sugar cane and a gas station. It’s a small town with a lot of charm, offering plenty of things to do for the locals and a great place to visit for out of towners. While lots of popular chains are present, they still actively promoted local shopping to bolster the numerous small business proprietors reliant on community support. While the town may seem sleepy and quiet to those who have just passed through, the reality is different. There’s a lot more happening in Ayr for those who know where to look, and this friendly community makes it a wonderful place to live.

For anyone looking for mobility scooters in Ayr, Equip U has you covered.