Tips When Shopping For A Lift Chair For A Loved One

When you’re purchasing a lift chair, particularly for a loved one, there’s much to think about. To ensure you make the correct choice, it’s wise to keep a list of questions ready. Finding the suitable lift chair can feel overwhelming, given the array of designs and types available in the market. Thus, understanding what aspects to consider becomes essential.


Consider renting

You don’t have to commit to buying a lift chair right away. Many people only need it for a short time, especially during recovery from an injury. Another option is to consider renting one for your loved one, allowing them to try it out. If they like it, you can then buy something similar with confidence, knowing it’s the right choice for them.

Know your size

When it comes to lift chairs, finding the right size for a comfortable fit is essential. If you’re buying for a loved one who can’t join you at the store, take note of their height, weight, knee-to-floor, and knee-to-back measurements so you can supply these details to the salesperson and ensure a well-suited choice.

Understand the features

Lift chairs come with a variety of features tailored to different needs, so it’s important to have a good conversation with your loved one to really understand what they’re looking for. Do they need a chair that helps them stand up and also reclines for napping? A three-position lift chair could be a good fit, especially if they have trouble with certain movements. Are they interested in a chair with heating or massage functions for extra comfort? These features can make a big difference. Talking openly with your loved one and getting a clear idea of what they want will help you decide whether to buy or rent a lift chair that suits them perfectly.

Be mindful of space

Lift chairs often require a significant amount of room due to their reclining functionality, which can impact the available space in a room. It’s advisable to measure the room’s dimensions prior to purchasing a chair to ensure a proper fit. Avoid the scenario of investing in a chair that doesn’t align with the available space for your loved one’s room. Taking these measurements beforehand can save you from the inconvenience and disappointment of an ill-fitting choice.

Choose the material

There are many things to consider before you buy a lift chair, but one thing that is often overlooked is the material used. When it comes to fabric, leather, or plastic, most people don’t know how to decide. While functionality and safety are at the top of the list in terms of priority, the comfort of your lift chair should always be considered, too.

When shopping for a lift chair for a loved one, be sure to get as many details from them as possible, and don’t forget to take their measurements. Consider renting rather than buying so that they can test it out before making a purchase. It’s a big purchase, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible before you choose one.

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