Things To See And Do In Your Mobility Scooter in Ayr

Ayr, located just 85 kilometres south of Townsville, offers plenty to explore from the comfort of your mobility scooter. It’s a rural gem in the prosperous Burdekin district with a rich history in Queensland. It’s an area that is often overlooked, but Ayr has much more to offer, including friendly locals, natural beauty, an affordable rural lifestyle, and more. If you’re passing through Ayr, it’s good to know that there are things you can see and do in your mobility scooter while enjoying the peaceful town.


Catch a show

The Burdekin Theatre & Complex, which first opened its doors in November 1982, is the go-to venue for arts and entertainment in the Burdekin region. To ensure a comfortable experience, accessible seating can be arranged when making your reservation. Additionally, the facility provides accessible restrooms and parking spaces designed for the convenience of those using mobility scooters and wheelchairs. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a show while ensuring everyone can access the experience. Visit their website for more details.

Get historical

To uncover the charm of Ayr, delve into its history and culture. Explore Pioneer Avenue at your own pace on your mobility scooter and admire the art murals and sculptures that grace the area. Whether you’re on foot, in a mobility scooter, or in a wheelchair, Ayr offers an array of attractions to enjoy. It’s a place brimming with history and countless engaging experiences just waiting to be explored, making it the perfect destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Go shopping

Getting around on your mobility scooter has never been easier in Ayr, with an abundance of local shops to enjoy as you move from one part of Ayr to another. Known for its speciality and boutique stores, you’ll enjoy a day out shopping while supporting smaller local businesses at the same time.

Relax with the family

Ayr Anzac Park includes an all-abilities playground that has a variety of playground equipment for all. It’s a great place to go with your mobility scooter and take the family for a day out to relax and have some fun. The Sway Fun Swing allows children in wheelchairs to enjoy all the fun, and the picnic facilities make it a great place for a day out.

Visit a drive-in theatre

There aren’t many drive-in theatres left in Queensland, but if you happen to be visiting Ayr, you’re in luck. The Stardust Drive-In Theatre shows its movies under the stars. A perfect outdoor experience for those in mobility scooters, and a great way to experience a movie night out. Built in 1964, this drive-in theatre is open all year round.

Ayr is a charming small town, celebrated for its laid-back atmosphere and welcoming residents. It’s the ideal destination when you seek a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities, offering a tranquil escape with a plethora of activities to keep you engaged. Whether you’re interested in exploring local culture, enjoying nature, or simply unwinding, Ayr has something for everyone.

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