The Ultimate All-Terrain Wheelchair

Today, we want to introduce you to the remarkable Action Trackchair, an exceptional all-terrain wheelchair designed to accommodate your adventurous spirit. Wheelchairs have come a long way since their inception, and the Action Trackchair stands as a testament to ongoing innovations in the field. With its robust build and versatile capabilities, this wheelchair is the perfect choice for individuals who seek exciting outdoor experiences.


What makes the Action Trackchair so special?

The Action Trackchair excels in navigating any terrain and boasts a groundbreaking design focused on adaptability. It allows you to tailor it to your specific requirements, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or simply strolling around your neighbourhood. This chair is ready for any challenge.

  • Personalisation: Don't settle for less! The Action Trackchair offers a wide array of colour combinations, accessories, and numerous customisation options, ensuring it can be fine-tuned to match your preferences.
  • Versatility at your fingertips: With some of the models, the armrests are adjustable both vertically and horizontally, and they can be flipped up to facilitate transfers. You can also reposition the seat back cushion vertically, and the entire backrest can be moved forwards and backwards for optimal comfort.
  • Resilience: Our all-terrain wheelchairs undergo a thorough evaluation, including controlled ability tests and real-world trials in challenging conditions. This testing includes exposure to mud, sand, snow, and water to ensure their durability.
  • Global support: With dealers located in all 50 states of America and across the globe, you can count on receiving assistance for your Action Trackchair wherever you are in the world.

Find one that works for you

At Equip U, we offer three fantastic all-terrain wheelchairs to pick from:

Action Trackchair ST: The Action Trackchair, known for its patented design and functionality, has been the ultimate all-terrain wheelchair since 2009. You can customise it with numerous color combinations, accessories, four different sizes, and various modifications to match your unique needs.

Action Trackchair NT: The Action Trackchair NT series is a sleek and narrow option at just 750 mm wide, allowing it to navigate almost anywhere with ease. Its adjustability makes it a perfect choice for growing children. You can also personalise it with various colour combinations, accessories, and modification options.

Action Trackstander TR: The Action Trackstander is a one-of-a-kind all-terrain wheelchair that lets you stand up while using it, and you can drive it in both standing and sitting positions. It comes in four different sizes and offers a wide range of colour combinations and accessories to ensure you're ready for any adventure!

The Action Trackchair is the ultimate all-terrain wheelchair and will open a world of possibilities that didn’t exist for you before. Not only does it look incredible, but it’s sturdy, customisable, and ready to take you on an adventure. With the Action Trackchair, you'll discover newfound freedom and the ability to explore diverse terrains with ease and confidence.

We Specialise In Everything Mobility

At Equip U, we see a disability as a possibility and have made it our mission to go above and beyond the standard offerings from other retailers.

Our point of difference is that we don’t just stock mobility scooters and other accessories, but we also offer in-home trials to residents who live in Queensland and offer maintenance and servicing for any mobility products. We believe that access to this shouldn’t be limited based on where you live, and being NDIS registered, we can provide funding options as well. 

Ultimately, it’s our mission to work with you to bring your vision for improved mobility to life. Should you have any queries about the types of products we offer or how they work, or would like to schedule a free at home product demonstration, please get in touch with us today.