Stairlift vs Platform Lift

When mobility becomes limited, the things we once took for granted become difficult to navigate. Stairs are a huge issue for people who struggle with mobility, forcing many people to move out of their beloved home for a more accessible living area.

But these days, we have some choices! With stairlifts and platform lifts, you can easily modify your home to accommodate your needs. Of course, they cost money, but that’s probably far cheaper and easier than having to find a whole new home.

But what’s the difference between the two?



Also known as chairlifts, this chair will get you up and down the stairs with a track, a motor, and a seat. There’s no need to renovate or remodel your house, and having one set up is quite easy.

Stairlifts allow users to sit comfortably while the chair takes them up or down the stairs. They consist of a motorised chair and drive system that travels along a fixed track to guide the chair along a curved or straight rail. They allow users with mobility issues to use their stairs in a way that is quick, safe, and comfortable. With the rise of townhouses in Australia, it’s only natural that there will also be a greater need for stairlifts, but it’s not always easy to know which one to go for. The best thing about a stairlift is that they’re relatively cheap compared to many other options.

Platform lift

A platform lift is great for people with mobility scooters or wheelchairs as it allows them to easily enter and exit their home without much hassle. And because the controls are within the lift itself, it allows the user to have a lot more independence as they can do everything themselves. They are suitable for internal and external use and can be used on multiple floors.

Put simply, a platform lift offers the privacy and ease of an elevator without the hefty price tag. They can usually serve two or more floors, and some can hold up to two wheelchair users in the enclosed area. They’re a bit more expensive to install compared to stairlifts but they are great for people who need to be in their wheelchairs for longer periods of time.

Should you get a stairlift or a platform lift?

People have diverse mobility needs, so when choosing between a stairlift or a platform lift, it’s important to consider your specific requirements. If you can independently sit, operate, and exit a stairlift, that’s great. Stairlifts are a more affordable option and can be easily installed in any home with stairs. On the other hand, a platform lift is better suited for individuals who need to stay in a wheelchair or use another mobility device. 

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