Portable Bathrooms VS Portable Toilets

When you are organising an event, it is important that you provide amenities to everyone who will be attending the occasion. But deciding on the type of facilities you should provide can be tricky. This is why we want to let you know about the difference between portable bathrooms and portable toilets.

Portable bathroom vs portable toilet

What Portable Bathrooms Offer That Portable Toilets Don’t

There are many benefits that a portable bathroom can offer you that you just simply can’t get from using a portable toilet.

Skylights – Some of these have built-in skylights that can brighten the whole area up with natural lighting.

Strong Lighting – The lights used in this are usually much brighter than what you would bet in a portable toilet.

Showers – The best part of getting one of these amenities is that they have space for a shower in them and some may even be large enough for a shower buddy.

Hot Water Systems – To make your shower experience even more alluring, portable bathrooms have a hot water system allowing you to shower at your desired temperature. 

Towel Rails – There are also built in railings for you to place your towels.

Flushing Toilets – Unlike the style of toilet that you get with a port-a-loo, these bathrooms are usually fitted with flushing toilets.

A Vanity Area – Portable bathrooms will also have a vanity area where you can get prepared for the day, or event, or just freshen up throughout the day.

Heaters – Some of them come with their own heating, which is fantastic in winter.

Power points – These amenities also have powerpoint access, which means you have somewhere to charge your phone or to power your appliance like a hair straightener

Space To Move – Portable bathrooms usually have a large room inside to move around comfortably. 

When Should You Provide Portable Bathrooms?

While a portable toilet will suffice for most situations, we think there are still many events where a portable bathroom would be a more appropriate choice, or simply provide a better all round experience.

Camping – Campsites are a perfect place to install a portable bathroom. They are a cheap alternative to building a bathroom block and will cater to many people.

Festivals – Adding a portable bathroom to a festival is a great way to make your festival feel more upper market and create a better environment for people to attend.

V.I.P – If you felt like doing so you could install these amenities in a V.I.P area of an event

Special Occasions – Having one of these will come in handy for specials events, like a wedding in a public park or an outdoor birthday party

As this article has shown, getting a portable bathroom can elevate the experience of any occasion and you should consider getting one for your next event.

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