Looking For Mobility Aids Townsville

In the lives of people with disabilities, mobility aids are a game-changer by restoring independence within their own homes. The options for mobility aids in Townsville continue to expand, including a wide range of devices such as canes, walking frames, and wheelchairs.

Navigating through our homes and the community is important to our daily routines, and these aids have successfully returned autonomy to those who rely on them. Let’s explore the diverse range of mobility aids in Townsville.


Walking frame: A walking frame is designed to provide stability and support while navigating short to medium distances. It typically consists of a metal framework with four legs that offer balance and assistance. Using a walking frame is a simple process: lift the frame and place it further in front of you, then step forward to meet it. These frames come in various styles, including four-wheeled walkers, three-wheeled walkers, two-wheeled rollators, and pick-up frames without wheels. Each style caters to individual needs, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. Wheeled walkers, in particular, allow for easy sliding of the frame forward, making them suitable for people with limited upper body strength.

Walking stick/cane: A walking stick or cane serves as a valuable mobility aid by providing support and stability. It helps transfer body weight from the legs to the upper body, reducing strain and assisting with balance. Compared to crutches, walking sticks place less weight off the lower body, instead exerting more pressure on the hands and wrists. Walking sticks are available in different types, including single-point sticks, three-point sticks, and four-point sticks, offering versatility in various environments. Their compact size makes them convenient for use in smaller areas where larger mobility aids might pose challenges.

Wheelchair: A wheelchair is a mobility device for people who cannot put weight on their lower limbs or are unable to walk. It offers essential support and freedom of movement, particularly for people with severe disabilities or when travelling long distances. Wheelchairs come in manual and powered variations. Both options provide people with greater independence and accessibility, enabling them to navigate their surroundings with ease and comfort.

Mobility scooter: Similar to a wheelchair, a mobility scooter is designed to enhance mobility and independence for people with limited mobility. It typically features a seat positioned on three, four, or five wheels. Mobility scooters provide a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, with footplates for resting the feet and handlebars or a steering wheel for control. These devices are particularly useful for people who may have difficulties with upper body strength, allowing them to travel long distances while maintaining stability.

Crutches: Crutches are versatile mobility aids that assist people with both short-term injuries and permanent disabilities. They aid in transferring weight from the legs to the upper body, helping to keep people upright and mobile. Crutches come in various types, including underarm crutches, forearm crutches, and arthritic crutches. They are commonly used after lower limb injuries or surgery, providing support during the healing process. They are available in different sizes and should be custom-fitted to ensure safety and proper support.


If you’re looking for mobility aids in Townsville, you might be able to get some assistance. The Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme offers subsidies for a range of aids. To qualify for assistance under this scheme, you must be a permanent resident of Queensland with a stable condition or disability and hold a pensioner concession card, health care card, or Queensland Government Seniors Card. Assessment by an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or rehabilitation engineer is required to apply for assistance through the scheme.


A Disability Should Not Limit Your Possibilities

At Equip U, we are committed to promoting independence and mobility for people with disabilities and we have some great options for mobility aids in Townsville. Unlike other retailers, we don't just offer standard products like mobility scooters and accessories. We also provide in-home trials to residents of Queensland, as well as maintenance and servicing for any mobility products. Our NDIS registration allows us to provide funding options so that access to these services isn't limited based on where you live. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with you to bring your vision for improved mobility to life.

If you have any questions about the types of products we offer or how they work, or if you would like to schedule a free at-home product demonstration, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.