How To Register A Motorised Mobility Scooter Or Wheelchair QLD

It’s essential to complete the registration process for a motorised mobility scooter or wheelchair in Queensland. The good news is that this registration is not only free but also quite straightforward, and there are no age restrictions for it. You have the flexibility to register the motorised mobility device under the name of the individual experiencing mobility difficulties, the organisation that intends to use it, or a designated caregiver. This ensures that everyone who relies on these devices for enhanced mobility can do so safely and legally in Queensland.


Motorised wheelchair

To register a motorised wheelchair, it should be originally designed for the transportation of individuals who have difficulty walking or are unable to walk altogether. Additionally, it must be equipped with an electric motor and, when propelled solely by this motor, should not exceed a speed of 15 km/h on flat terrain.

Mobility scooter

To register a mobility scooter, it must qualify as a vehicle originally designed for the transport of individuals who have mobility challenges, either due to an inability to walk or difficulty in walking. It should be equipped with an electric motor and controlled using handlebars or a steering wheel. Furthermore, when driven solely by the motor, it must not exceed a speed of 15 km/h on even terrain and should have an unladen weight not exceeding 170 kg.

How to register a motorised mobility device

Before you apply you will need:

  • A completed motorised mobility device (motorised wheelchair/mobility scooter) application (F5338).
  • Evidence of the QLD address where the device will be stored.
  • Proof of where the device was purchased.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Evidence of identity for the organisation, if applicable.

How to lodge your application

You can lodge your application with original or copies of the required documentation:



Department of Transport and Main Roads
Motorised Mobility Device Registrations
PO Box 126
ROMA QLD  4455

Remember, if you choose to lodge your application by post, only send copies of your evidence of identity documentation.

In person:

To initiate the registration process, you can visit a transport and motoring customer service centre. Alternatively, if you reside in a rural area, you may head to a QGAP office, Magistrates Court, or a local police station that offers vehicle registration services. It’s advisable to call in advance before your visit to ensure smooth proceedings.

If you choose to have someone submit a registration application on your behalf, your appointed representative will need to provide evidence of their identity alongside yours. Additionally, the authorisation section on the application form (F5338) should be completed by the person acting on your behalf.


Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are life-changers for people with disabilities, restoring their independence. Whether it’s navigating on public transport, or around your home, it will give you the opportunity to do and see more. Thankfully, registering your motorised mobility scooter or wheelchair in Queensland is quick and easy. 

Visit the Queensland Government website for more information.

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