How To Clean And Maintain A Wheelchair

Just like everything else, your wheelchair needs regular care to stay in good shape. How often you maintain it depends on the type of wheelchair you have and how much you use it.

The most important thing to watch is the tires. Check the tire pressure every month to make sure your wheelchair rolls smoothly. Also, keep an eye on the brakes and make sure they’re in good condition.

Remember, if something doesn’t seem right or sounds strange, it’s probably a sign that something needs attention. Don’t wait; get it checked out sooner rather than later.

While you can do basic cleaning and checks often, it’s a good idea to take your wheelchair in for a thorough maintenance checkup every year. This helps ensure it stays in top condition.


Manual wheelchair maintenance tips

  • Regularly check your brakes to ensure they’re in good working condition.
  • Monitor your tire pressure at least once a month to maintain smooth mobility.
  • Inspect for any loose screws or bolts and ensure all parts are secure.
  • Clean your wheelchair with a mild detergent, avoiding upholstery and exposed bearing points. Rinse thoroughly before using. Pay extra attention to cleaning the backrest or cushion when needed.
  • If you notice creaking sounds or something feels off, schedule a check-up at a service centre.
  • Protect your wheelchair from the elements with a weather-proof cover if it will be outside for an extended period and try to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent damage.

Electric wheelchair maintenance tips

  • Listen for unusual sounds; they can be the first sign of a problem. Don’t wait for them to worsen. As soon as you hear something unusual, have it checked out promptly.
  • Ensure that all bolts and connections are securely fastened. If you’re uncertain about any part, seek professional assistance.
  • If you encounter issues, consider returning to the same place where you bought your wheelchair. This can help ensure you get the correct fittings and components.
  • For electric wheelchairs, always keep the batteries charged to avoid unexpected power loss.
  • To keep your wheelchair in top shape, regular cleaning is essential. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down, making sure it’s completely dry before using it. If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a mild detergent, but be conservative with its use.
  • Additionally, it’s wise to avoid exposing your wheelchair to wet weather whenever possible. Moisture can potentially harm specific wheelchair components.

Understanding your wheelchair better will enable you to maintain and clean it on your own. Generally, wheelchairs are low maintenance, requiring little more than occasional wipes to keep them in good working order. However, some issues, like malfunctioning brakes, may require professional attention. If you notice anything unusual, don’t hesitate to have it checked by an expert.

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