How Often Should You Replace Your Electric Lift Chair

Electric lift chairs are powered by motors that smoothly recline and lift the chair with the push of a button. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or limited upper body strength, as it eliminates the need for physical exertion. For many people, this might be the reason they need the lift chair in the first place, so this effortless recline makes things easier.


How often should you replace your electric lift chair?

When trying to decide whether it’s time to consider a replacement for your electric lift chair, there are various factors to consider. Here are some things to consider:

Electrical Component Functionality:

Evaluate the overall functionality of all electrical components. If your electric lift chair is exhibiting signs of a diminished performance, such as slowing down or an unusual burning smell, it may be signalling the need for a replacement.

Pay attention to the responsiveness of the remote control. If the chair is not reacting as promptly or efficiently as it used to, this could be an indication that it’s time for an upgrade.

Lifespan of Your Lift Chair:

Consider the duration you’ve had your current lift chair. Typically, electric lift chairs have an average lifespan of around ten years. However, if your chair is displaying signs of wear and tear that impact its functionality, it might be a good reason to explore newer models with enhanced features.

Maintenance Practices:

Recognise the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning for electric lift chairs. Keeping your chair free of dirt and debris is vital, as accumulated grime may hinder the optimal functioning of various components.

Conduct routine checks to ensure all parts are in working order. If you suspect any issues, addressing them promptly can contribute to the prolonged effectiveness of your lift chair.

Battery Health:

Assess the condition of the batteries. Sometimes, issues with an electric lift chair can be traced back to worn-out batteries. Before committing to purchasing a new chair, it’s advisable to have the batteries tested to rule out this common and easily addressable concern.

Mobility or health issues can make even the simplest of activities more challenging. Lift chairs are designed to help people go from a seated to a standing position without hurting themselves or putting too much strain on their bodies. They are also great for people who are experiencing joint issues, back pain, and other conditions. If kept clean and constantly checked for issues, there is a big chance that your electric lift chair will last at least ten years. But if things aren’t working the way they should, it’s probably time to look into getting a replacement. Remember that newer models will have even more functionality and design options!

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