Guide To Choosing And Using A Walking Stick

Walking sticks and canes serve as popular low-level support walking aids, particularly for those seeking independent mobility. Designed to cater to individuals facing challenges with strength, balance, or recovering from injuries, these aids provide a practical solution. Quad-based walking canes offer heightened stability for those in need of additional support. Crafted from lightweight and portable materials, such as aluminium, these aids ensure easy handling. Moreover, walking sticks often come equipped with a moulded hand grip to enhance comfort and a rubber tip for added support.

Which walking stick is right for you?

Not every walking stick will suit the same person. It’s about finding one that suits your needs. Here are some tips when you’re looking for one:

Height matters. The correct height is important. Custom walking sticks can be tailored to your height, while standard ones may need adjustment. Seek assistance to verify the height against your body, wearing your usual shoes for accurate adjustments. Place the base 20cm away from your foot, allowing your arms to naturally drop with a slight bend at the elbow. Ensure the top of the stick aligns with your wrist height. Keep tweaking until it feels just right.

Try it out. Choosing a walking stick is akin to finding the perfect shoe – give it a test before committing. After adjusting to the right height, test it out. Ensure your arm maintains a slight bend, your back stays straight, and your shoulders are relaxed. If anything feels off, it probably is. Remember, your walking stick should enhance your mobility, so getting it right is crucial. Don’t be afraid to try it out as many as possible until it feels right for you.

Use the right side. Use the walking stick on the opposite side of your weakest leg to avoid leaning on the affected side. This simple adjustment can significantly improve stability.

Choose the right handle. The handle grip is vital for comfort and ease of use. Explore options like the T-Handle, Crook Handle, Swan Neck Handle, and Ergonomic Handle. Experiment with different handles until you find the one that suits you best. Also, check if the walking stick is designed for right-handed or left-handed use, as this can greatly impact your comfort.

Seek professional advice. Always consult with professionals to ensure the chosen walking stick is suitable and safe for your use. They can guide you in selecting the right type and address any concerns you may have. Don't hesitate to ask questions – your walking aid is there to assist you effectively, and seeking professional advice ensures a tailored solution to your unique needs.

Investing time in finding the perfect walking stick tailored to your needs ensures not only enhanced stability but also contributes to your overall comfort and mobility.

 A disability should not limit your possibilities

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