Five Ways Mobility Scooters Change Lives

While mobility scooters are notable for improving how people navigate the world around them, did you know that there are a range of other benefits as well?

Taking a stroll to the park or to the shops to grab a loaf of bread is something that many of us take for granted. For the thousands of Australians who live with a disability, medical condition or long term injury that makes walking short distances difficult, these basic tasks either require meticulous planning or are otherwise out of reach. 

One revolutionary form of assistance that helps to change these lifestyle limitations is the humble mobility scooter. As technology has advanced, so too has the design of mobility scooters, meaning that they are now far more customisable, comfortable and easier to operate. 

As the name would suggest, mobility scooters are ultimately designed to improve mobility for those who need it most - but what are some of the other perks of using one that aren’t as widely recognised?

Unveiling The True Benefits Of Mobility Scooters 

The primary benefit that mobility scooters offer is their ability to change how people navigate the world around them. What’s more is that Australia is a country that is increasingly embracing the need for mobility and accessibility and while there is still a lot to be done, most large public places, shopping centres and public transport options are equipped with lifts and ramps to allow access.


Aside from the above, the reality is that mobility scooters also have other benefits to offer as well. We rarely ever think about the true cost of having difficulty accessing basic mobility functions that other people take for granted, so just a handful of the other powerful perks that mobility scooters offer include the following. 

Injury Prevention - Trips and falls are among the most frequent injuries reported for people that suffer from reduced mobility, with the following damage including anything and everything from a scratch to a broken bone. While it is essential to keep moving and walking, a mobility device like a powered scooter can go a long way in reducing the chance of an injury from an accident. 

Increased Independence - For people with reduced physical mobility, everyday tasks are much harder for them and even a trip to the supermarket can require significant planning and third party assistance. In contrast, a mobility scooter has the power to make life easier for the person by reducing their reliance on others. 

Confidence Booster - For people who live with a reduced mobility, it’s easy to become self conscious or anxious about what can go wrong every time they want to leave the house. Completing tasks independently and successfully is an essential part of mental well being and maintaining a positive self-image, and a mobility scooter ultimately encourages this. 

Reduces Loneliness - While one in four Australians have reported increased feelings of loneliness within the last year alone, imagine the numbers for those who are restricted by their movements and ultimately stay within the comforts of home? Alongside improved independence and confidence, getting around to meet friends is easier with a mobility scooter.

Environmentally Friendly - Arguably the original electric vehicle, most mobility scooters are powered by a battery that requires charging every twenty to forty kilometres. Alongside no petrol consumption, mobility scooter owners are much less likely to rely on taxis to get around and therefore have a much lower carbon footprint as a result. 

As anyone who already owns a mobility scooter already knows, these machines have powers that go far beyond simply getting someone from A to B. For people who live with a disability or health issue that restricts their physical movements, access to a mobility scooter can work wonders when it comes to revolutionising not only how they navigate the world around them, but how they view themselves in it. 

While there’s plenty of retail outlets available to purchase a mobility scooter from, aim to partner with an expert not just on the products themselves, but an operator who can provide an in-home trial and after sales care, particularly for things like repairs - but where do you find one?

Meet The Local Experts Who Specialise In Mobility 

At Equip U, we see a disability as a possibility and have made it our mission to go above and beyond the standard offerings from other retailers who stock devices and tools to improve mobility.

Our point of difference is that we don’t just stock mobility scooters and other accessories, but we also offer in-home trials to residents who live in North Queensland. We believe that access to these types of products shouldn’t be limited based on where you live, and being NDIS registered, we can provide funding options as well. 

Ultimately, it’s our mission to work with you to bring your vision for improved mobility to life. Should you have any queries about the types of products we offer or how they work, or would like to schedule a free at home product demonstration, please get in touch with us today.