Clinical Research Behind Seating Matters Chair Range

One of the reasons why we stock Seating Matters chairs for our clients is because the designs they use are backed by clinical research and why it is a popular choice for so many of our clients.

Clinical Research Behind Seating Matters Chair Range

The Benefits Of Using Seating Matters Chairs

Backed by clinical research, Seating Matters chairs have many benefits. Their breadth of research means that they’re working with a wide range of clients including people with tight hamstrings, pressure injuries, kyphosis, scoliosis, and pelvic obliquities.

They design their products to achieve the best outcome for their clients by having strong attention to detail for every aspect of their work, from the research, design and manufacturing. 

Seating Matters take accurate measurements of their clients to guarantee that the chair will be practical, and comfortable thereby increasing the quality of their life. 

What We Have To Offer

At Equip U we share a goal with Seating Matters to provide holistic care to all of our clients by ensuring that our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. To help our clients access high quality Seating Matters products, we have the Phoenix Chair and Denver Chair in our stores. 

Phoenix Chair

This chair can accommodate people who have complex or changing needs that require high levels of postural support, pressure care and comfort.

The adjustable head, neck, and shoulder sections support kyphosis or complex fixed postures.

This seat is customisable and adjustable. You can adjust the seat width, seat depth, height of the foot plate, and back height.

Denver Chair

The evidence based benefits of this chair include:

  • Pressure management
  • Comfort to riser recliner chair
  • Full pressure care materials throughout the sitting surface
  • Adjustable posture support
  • A stand assist riser function
  • Dual motors provide leg elevation and tilt in space positioning as well as adjustable recline angle
  • A high grade memory foam seat cushion
  • Waterfall back rest to provide all day comfort and pressure care

The Denver uses hospital grade materials to allow an easy clean and reduce infection risk.

Seating Matters offers many great products for people to use. We are happy to stock their products as they are evidence based and the brand strives to provide holistic care to their clients.  

We Specialise In Everything Mobility

At Equip U, we see a disability as a possibility and have made it our mission to go above and beyond the standard offerings from other retailers.

Our point of difference is that we don’t just stock mobility scooters and other accessories, but we also offer in-home trials to residents who live in Queensland and offer maintenance and servicing for any mobility products. We believe that access to this shouldn’t be limited based on where you live, and being NDIS registered, we can provide funding options as well. 

Ultimately, it’s our mission to work with you to bring your vision for improved mobility to life. Should you have any queries about the types of products we offer or how they work, or would like to schedule a free at home product demonstration, please get in touch with us today. 


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